A simple fact.

High-achieving, low-income students who graduate from top-tier colleges bring talent, drive and productivity into the world. “High-achieving” is key. “Low-income” is resolvable.


A tough reality.

Only 8 percent of the low-income students academically qualified for a top-tier education actually apply. The few who do and gain scholarships still face multiple challenges. Leaven is changing that.


Bridging the distance.

We provide more than admissions guidance or access to financial aid. We offer targeted resources that help low-income students navigate, thrive and graduate.


Income is not outcome.

Meet a few of our proof positives.


Harvard University

“Leaven taught me the most important lesson of the proverbial social ladder: It is a ladder, and you can climb it.”

Read more about Amy.


Haverford College

“I see life’s challenges as an opportunity to find a solution, or simply a path forward. With Leaven by my side, I can do just that.”

Read more about Daniel.


Northwestern University

“I am a canvas of juxtaposition – low income, but rich in potential. Cuban, but also American. First-generation, yet blessed with the privilege of attending Northwestern University.”

Read more about Melissa.



“In twenty years, whether exploring the surface of an exoplanet or teaching a group of undergraduates, I know that Leaven helped fuel my journey there.”

Read more about Jade.


Yale University

“With hard work and Leaven’s guidance, my life’s next chapter is written by an opportunity unavailable to those before me.”

Read more about Suzanne.


Washington Univ. in St. Louis

“With Leaven’s assistance, my tools for success will be forged through education. My labors will be intellectual.”

Read more about Viktoria.


Boston University

“I have two sides – my quantitative side and my creative side. Both sides don’t simply co-exist, they harmonize.”

Read more about Beau.


Williams College

“I am not underprivileged. I am not impoverished. I am low-income. I am powerful.”

Read more about Maria.

Generating Results    

Student acceptance rate to highly selective schools offering rigorous academics and generous financial aid.
Average value of the four-year financial aid package awarded per Leaven Scholar entering college.
Average cumulative debt each Leaven Scholar is expected to bear following graduation.
Every Leaven Scholar has either graduated or is on track to graduate, on time and prepared for work or graduate school in their chosen field.